Friday, June 18, 2010

4 Months

Isaac turned 4 months last week and I can't believe how fast they time is flying by. I mean yeah I do want him to grow and get bigger, but I just wish time could move in slow motion right now. I am so loving being a mommy soaking in every moment and enjoying ever day I get to spend with him. He is the absolute love of mine and Steven's lives and he is such an amazing slice of heaven. He is so smiley, talkative and can now roll over! He weighs about 15lbs 6ozs...but we will no for sure how much when we go to the Dr.'s next week for his 4 month checkup & shots :( ...Ok sooo ....Isaac had been sleeping in our bedroom in the bassinet/pack'n'play since he was born and agreed to put him in his own bedroom when he turned 3 months old. Well he ended up getting a little cold/ear infection and that quickly changed our minds. Though he has been sleeping through the night since he was about 10 weeks old, it was still so hard to officially move him into his own room. So, since he turned 4 months last week we decided last weekend it was time for reals and that everything would be fine since he sleeps all night already anyways, he would now just be in a different room. We put him in one of his big boy summer pj's and let him fall asleep in his own bedroom for the night. He has been doing absolutely awesome, still sleeping through the night and waking up with smilies. I do admit that I put the volume on the video monitor on HIGH and also look at it to check on him non stop...oh yeah and I occasionally even go into his room to check I'm sure this will happen less often the more we get use to this new transition. Ok well that's pretty much it for now..Father's Day is this weekend and we are going to the park Saturday w/ the dance studio and swimming Sunday so we'll be sure to take lot of pics.

Monday, April 26, 2010

11 weeks!!

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Ok, so I've been EXTREMELY slackin on this blog!! I'm gonna just do a tiny recap to get caught up and then I will for sure stay up to date better!! *promise*
Our baby boy is already 2 1/2 months and that is just so crazy to me. I knew the time would fly and that's why I've been soaking in every minute with him. I call Isaac my "little slice of heaven" because that is truely what he is. God is perfect and I still can't fathom how God created this perfect human life inside of me with everything he needs to survive in this world; eyes to see, ears to hear, mouth to eat and speak, perfect little finger and toes, a digestive system, a heart to pump blood... the list goes on and on! Isaac ((well all Babies)) are absolutely perfect and I believe give a glimpse of how amazing and perfect Heaven is. I am beyond Thankful to the Lord for choosing Steven and I to be Isaac's parents hear on earth. We are so in Love with Isaac its amazing and being a Mommy is even better than I always hoped and thought it would be! It is definitely the best job in the world for sure!!!

Isaac is doing Awesome. He smile's and talks (coo's) non stop and that is just the most amazing and indescribable thing (so far) He love's to play and stays awake alot during the day which is awesome cause he is pretty much sleeping threw the night. By the time Steven and I go to bed we usually get up just once during the night to feed him and then the next time he wake's up it's time to get up and start our day! He is such a good baby, very calm and observant. Never really crys unless he is hungry. Right now Steven and I are trying to get his sleeping threw the night to be a consistent thing that happens every night and we are working on transitioning him into sleeping in his own crib/bedroom everynight once he's 3 months cause right now he is still in our room in a bassinet. Isaac is going this week for his 2 month check-up and shots -tear- It's gonna be so sad, but I'll let you know how it all goes!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Week Home

Isaac's first week home was busy busy busy taking multiple trips to the Doctors. Isaac was born on Tuesday and came home from the NICU on Friday on terms that he had to go to the Dr. Monday morning for follow-up and more bloodwork to make sure his blood platelet levels were continuing to go up. The nurse in the NICU scheduled the appointment w/ our pediatrician on Monday, but when we got there it turned out that our Dr. wasn't there... so we had to drive to Riverside too have our follow-up appt. w/ another pediatrician and to get blood test. The blood test was great and his platelet levels had increase dramatically over Isaac's first weekend home. Tuesday we still had to go back and meet w/ our normal pediatrician. We also scheduled Isaac's circumcision for Friday, but because of Isaac's thrombocytopenia the pediatrician wanted us to go to the hematologist so that he could check Isaac out, make sure his levels were up, and blood was clotting like it should. The pediatrician wanted the hematologist to him clear Isaac to get circumcised before he would do it. So yet again, our poor baby boy had to get his heals pricked at again. Well the second I walked in the door the lab called and said that the blood clotted and so the test could not be performed correctly and that I needed to go back to re-take his blood.. ugghh so there we went again.. this time the took it through his arm to be sure it wouldn't clot and that was scarey. But, Isaac snoozed through they whole thing. Everything was good w/ his platelet levels and they were way way up in the normal range at this point. Thursday we had a break from the Dr. but were back Friday for the circumsicion and it was so sad but we knew it had to be done.. the earlier he better, but I was still so said cause I didn't want him to be in pain. Good thing they made me wait in the lobby cause I did not want to be in the room when they did it... when it was all finished and I went back in the room Isaac wasn't even crying at all. I was so proud of him and relieved that is was all over. Finally the week of Dr.'s appt's were over and I could finally just chill and relax at home to love and cherish my baby boy!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wow... been WAY to long!!

Isaac Steven Gomez
6lbs 3ozs 20inches

So last time we updated out blog was when Isaac had just been born. I was home from the hospital w/ Steven but Isaac was still in the NICU. We thought we were going to come home with out baby the day after delivery and that I would get to be wheelchaired out of the hospital like normal... but that was not the case. Quick recap of labor & delivery... I had always been the kind of person that didn't want an epidural. It wasn't that I had anything against it, I just didn't want to be completely numb and not feel anything that was happening w/ my body or know what I was doing when the time came to push. So anyways I tried to do my very best without the epidural and boy was I in some mega pain. I was 6cm and I was like omg are you freakin kidding me right now. Needless to say I got the epidural but almost waited to long cause by the time the anesthesiologist got there to give it to me I my contractions were barely a minute apart and I couldn't move I was in so much pain. They lady had to give me the epidural during major contractions and even at their peaks...she said she couldn't wait till the contractions went down cause then I would never be able to get the epidural cause my contractions were coming too fast and to strong. When it was finally in I was one happy camper. The epidural was perfect and exactly how I wanted it to be if I ended up getting one.... I could still feel everything, all the contractions and pressure moving through my pelvis but it was all pain free. Because the contractions were coming so fast and so strong the baby's heart rate kept going down and didn't have time to recover. So the nurse put me on oxygen and gave me a shot to slow the contractions. Also, because the baby had been in distress when the Dr. broke my water they saw meconium and knew he had pooped inside of me, so this meant they had to suction him before he could take his first breath so he wouldn't inhale the meconium into his lungs. So when I got 9cm and was on my way to 10cm the nurse gave me pitocin because she said she was going to give it to me anyways after the baby was born to help my uterus contract back down. She let me continue to labor even though I was almost at 10cm cause she wanted to let the baby move down threw the birth canal as far as possible before it was time to push and that it would help me not have to push as long. She was sure right... when the Dr. came back to check me he was like, 'yup its time the head is right there'. I was so excited I pushed w/ all of my might. I ended up holding my legs myself cause my mom was taking pictures and Steven was getting dressed in scrubs to help the Dr. deliver the baby. I only pushed for 15 minutes throught about 8 contractions. Once the baby's head was out, the umbilical cord was unwrapped from around his neck and the Dr. suctioned him out, Steven got to pull him out the rest of the way and bring the baby to my chest where the nurses came and rubbed him off. I began to cry the second I saw my baby boy. He like all babies is a miracle from the Lord.

So the morning after Isaac was born and I was cleared to go home we were waiting for the Pediatrician to come check on Isaac and clear him to go home as well. We were sitting in the postpartum room admiring our precious miracle when the pediatrician called from the nursery to tell us he was admitting Isaac into the NICU because he had low blood platelet levels and that they were coming to get him right then. I didn't know what to think and from that moment I began to cry and didn't stop until he was in the car and on his way home w/ us. Long story short, what he had was call Thrombocytopenia and that meant that his blood platelets were too low and that would effect his blood ability to clot. They had to monitor him to make sure the platelet levels didn't get to low cause if they did he would have had to get a blood transfusion. They weren't sure why he had this and so they check him for infection and internal bleeding. At one point when we were in the NICU w/ him they came and did an ultrasound on him head through his soft spot while I was holding about scarey cause I didnt' know what in the world to think about any of this. I knew my baby would be in an incubator but omg is was soooo scarey. Thank the Lord that the head ultrasound was normal and that there was no infection. Every time they gave him a blood test ((which was alot.. his poor little heals)) the blood platelet levels were higher. By the second night when we left the hospital things were looking way better and they were going to put Isaac back into a normal bassinet and move him to the other side of he NICU where baby's that were closer to going home stayed. They figured his low blood platelet levels were just cause of me, which I don't know why cause I got blood taken during the pregnancy and my Dr. never said anything about me having low blood platelets so idk. They said his levels had to reach a certain number before he could go home even though that number was still below normal. When we went back the next day we prayed lots that his levels would be up high enough to come home... and our prayers came home. So that third night our baby was finally coming home with us!!!! We were so extremely thankful and we ended up learning so so much from all the nurses in the NICU that we felt like pro's before we even had our baby home! The Lord's plans are perfect and for whatever reason he had this happen and had us go through that experience Steven and I were thankful for it and in Love w/ our miracle even more!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Message for everyone

Hey everyone! first i would like to thank everyone who has sent there love through facebook, text messages and phone calls. we do apoligize for not answering anyone back or letting you know how things are going. Baby Isaac was born on Feb. 9th. at 1:33pm. he wighed in at 6lbs. 3oz. and 20 inches long. He is a beautiful, strong, and precious little boy. We are sooo in love with him its ridiculous! during his physical exam one of his blood tests were off. and they have admitted him into the NCIU. they are just monitoring him to see how he is doing. he is looking good and staying strong. but as you can imagine, it is very difficult to see your newborn in there. we would definetly appreciate everyones prayers for Baby Isaac as well as us. We trust God and know He is in control. and we Love Him and thank him for His Beautiful gift to us. God Bless everyone of you. We Love you ALL!!
~Love, Steven & Kari~